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The AAI RQ-2 Pioneer is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, that was developed by the United States and Israel, to spot enemy ships. It is also

800px-RQ-2 Pioneer on launch rail 1

used for battlefield reconnaissance as well.


The Aircraft takes-off using a catapult launcher with the help of a booster. It is recovered by a net for landing. But it is still possible for the RQ-2 Pioneer to take-off and land on conventional runways.

Since 1991 the Pioneer UAV absolved different missions, during conflicts in the Persian Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

It has a maximum flight endurance of 5 hours, while carrying a payload of 34 kg. Out of the United States it is operated by the Israeli Air Force and the Republic of Singapore Air Force. The RQ-2 Pioneer was operational by the US Navy until 2007, since then it had been replaced by the AAI RQ-7 Shadow.