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The AESA-N050-Radar is the AESA radar monted on the Russian Sukhoi PAK-FA. It is the second AESA radar by Russian production. It is built of about 1500 transmit/receive moduls. The radar is supported by two L-band with frequencies of 1-2 GHz. At those low frequencies most of the Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) is less effective, but resolution and accuracy are worse than they are with conventional radar frequencies, meaning that it is not possible to provide enough target information for an accurate missile shot. However they will rather be used as early warning radars, to confirm that there is "something out there". 

NIIP has stated that the Radar will have a detection range of 350 km and 400 km in the best case against a 2.5 m² target, thus, the range against a 1 m² target is 260-300 km.

The radar will be all in all comparable to the APG-77 of the F-22, but with superior jamming and LPI capabilities.

600px-Sukhoi T-50 Beltyukov

The Sukhoi PAK-FA, on which the radar is mounted.