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800px-AGM-88 HARM on F-4G

An AGM-88 HARM mounted on the wing pylon of a F-4G Phantom II.

The AGM-88 HARM (High-Speed-Anti-Radiation-Missile) is an air-to-surface missile, which was developed to take out all kinds of hostile radar systems on the ground. The missile is produced by Raytheon in the United States but originally, it was developed by Texas Industries. The HARM is the successor to the aged AGM-78 and AGM-45 Shrike. The cost for a single HARM missile is about 312,000 US-Dollars.


  • Germany (AGM-88A)
  • Greece
  • Italy (AGM-88B/C)
  • Taiwan (AGM-88C)
  • Turkey (AGM-88D)
  • South Korea (AGM-88C)
  • Spain (AGM-88A)
  • United Arab Emirates (AGM-88D)