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The AMX International AMX is a ground-attack aircraft for field of battle interdiction, close air support and reconnaissance missions. It was engineered up until 1999 by AMX International, an Italian-Brazilian joint venture, and is designated the A-1 by the Brazilian Air Force.



Italian-Brazilian Co-operation[]

During 1977 the Italian air force issued a requirement for a light attack warplane to replace its Aeritalia G91R/G91Y and F-104G aircraft, leading to Aermacchi and Aeritalia (later Alenia) pooling their resources the following year, to design and produce the aircraft. The Brazilian air force recognized a similar requirement for an EMBRAER AT-26 Xavante replacement, joining the programme in 1980, with a joint procurement of 272 aircraft being agreed in 1981.[N 1]

The type that resulted from the program is now called the EMBRAER AMX, and first flew in prototype form on May 15th 1984. A Brazilian prototype made it's initial flight in October 1985, with the first ptoduction example following on 11th May 1988.[1]


The end of the Cold War led to defence cuts, which resulted in production of AMXs for the AMI ending prematurely, with Aermacchi building 36 single seaters and 9 AMX-T two seaters, with Alenia building 74 single seaters and 17 two seaters.[1]


One of the six Italian squadrons equipped with the AMX was subsequently disbanded, with 34 early examples, consisting of 19 from Block 1 and 15 from Block 2, placed in reserve. The remaining aircraft were either newly built or upgraded to Block 3 configuration, with the aircraft of 3 Stormo using Oude Delft Orpheus pods for reconnaissance work.[1]

Multi-role capability[]


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  1. This consisted of 6 prototypes, 79 aircraft for Brazil and 187 aircraft for Italy.[1]


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