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The AeroVironment RQ-14 Dragon Eye is an small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, with a weight of 2.25 kg. Because

800px-US Navy 050627-N-0295M-096 A Dragon Eye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on display at the 2005 Naval UAV Air Demo held at the Webster Field Annex of Naval Air Station Patuxent River

of it´s small size it´s very useful for reconnaissance rules. The Dragon Eye is used by the U.S Marine Corps and it was developed by the Navy Research Laboratory and the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory.


The RQ-14 is powered by twin props, it has a tailless design and it can be hand-launched by a soldier, it is small enough to fit into a backpack. It is equipped with a waypoint system based on a GPS-Inertial guidance system. The RQ-4 is monitored by a laptop connected to video goggles. The control system used for the RQ-14 has a weight of 5.4 kg. It was designed to spot urban bases, with the ability to spot enemies without alerting them. The UAV is produced by AeroVironment, which received the production contract in 2003. Until the Marines used the RQ-11 Raven as their UCAV, to be the remainder of the Dragon Eye production contract. Over 1000 units were built.