The goal of the Aircraft Wiki is to be a one stop resource for information relating to aircraft and aviation history. Also included are other topics related to aviation, such as different types of equipment aboard aircraft, like aircraft GPS systems.

There are limits to the scope of this encyclopedia. Articles covered must have a direct relationship to aircraft and aviation. For example, the Patriot missile can be covered, even though it is not an aircraft, as it is a system designed to shoot down aircraft, and therefore has a direct relationship. An article on the Scud missile would not be acceptable, as it is not directly related to aircraft or aviation. Most information relating to spacecraft and the space programs are also unacceptable, as they are not aircraft (the Space Shuttle, and other vehicles like it are exceptions to this rule). If you believe that there is an article which does not belong, please nominate it for deletion at Votes for deletion, where its acceptability will be discussed, and its status voted upon.

But copying articles from Wikipedia is also unacceptable and they will be deleted immediately.

The Aircraft Wiki is, as its name implies, a wiki. This means that any reader may edit any article by clicking on the edit this page link that appears in every wiki article that is not designated as a protected page. This allows readers to add what knowledge they have for the benefit of everyone else.

This project was started in November 2005 and restarted in July 2006 by OuroborosCobra, and now by Fightercraft4 13:19, March 20, 2012 (UTC) inspired by the want to create a single resource on the internet for aircraft and aviation, and by Wikipedia. Currently, 1,171 articles been created.

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