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American Eagle is American Airlines' connection airline.



The American Eagle feeder network began in November 1984, when Metroflight were contracted to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth hub.

A number of small airlines joined the system, operating for a short time before becoming subsidiaries of American Airlines under the American Eagle banner; Command Airways, flying ATR-42s and Short 360 and 330 aircraft from JFK (joined May 1986, became a subsidiary in September 1988), Simmons Airlines, flying from Chicago O'Hare (joined 1986, became a subsidiary in 1988), Nashville Eagle, flying Jestream 31s, Saab 340s and Metroliners (joined April 1986), Metroflight, flying Saab 340s, Jetstream 31s and Gulfstream G.1s (joined November 1984), Puerto Rico based Executive Airlines (joined September 1986, became a subsidiary in December 1989) and Wings West based at LA and San Jose (joined June 1986, became a subsidiary in August 1988).[1]


  • ATR-42
  • Saab 340
  • Embraer 145
  • Short 330
  • Short 360
  • Jetstream 31
  • Metroliner
  • Gulfstream G.1

Accidents and Incidents[]

  • In October 31, 1994 an ATR-72 crashed in a crop in Roslow, Indiana due to icing in the wings which caused an abrupt movement in the alierons diving to the ground. All passengers aboard were killed.


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