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The Canuck, also known as the "Clunk", was a Canadain interceptor/fighter. It was the only mass produced aircraft designed in Canada. For it's day, it had a short take off run and a high climb rate.

It had a two man crew, and two wing-tip pods armed with 29 "Mighty Moose" rockets each.


Design work was begun in October 1946, in response to a requirement for an all weather interceptor to serve with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). This led to a pair of CF-100 Mk 1 prototypes, powered by 6,500 lb st (2,948 kgp) Rolls Royce Avon RA.3 turbojets, with the first of these making it's initial flight on 19th January 1950. The prototypes were followed by ten unarmed CF-100 Mk 2 pre production aircraft, powered by 6,000 lb st (2,722 kgp) Orenda 2 engines, with the first pre-production aircraft taking to the air on 20th June 1951.[1]

The initial service model was the CF-100 Mk 3, consisting of 70 aircraft delivered from September 1952. These differed from the Mk 2 by having Orenda 8 engines, APG-33 radar in the nose, and a ventral pack containing eight 0.5 in (12.7 mm) machine guns. Fifty Mk 3s were later converted for use as dual control trainers as Mk 3CT and Mk 3D aircraft.[1]

The next variant was the Mk 4A. Preceded into the air by a prototype converted from the last Mk 2, and known as the Mk 4 which flew on 11th October 1952, the Mk 4A featured APG-40 radar, redesigned structure and a pair of 6,500 lbst (2,948 kgp) Orenda 9 engines, and made it's initial flight on 24th October 1953. Armament comprised a ventral pack containing 49 2.75 in (70 mm) unguided rockets, supplemented by two wingtip pods, each containing a further 28 rockets.[1] The ventral pack could be replaced with one containing eight 0.5in (12.7 mm) Browning machine guns. The 137 Mk 4As were followed by 144 examples of the Mk 4B, with Orenda 11 engines producing 7,275 lbst (3,300 kgp).[2]


(These relate to the Mk 5)

  • Length: 16.5m
  • Wing Span: 17.4m
  • Wing Area: 54.9m
  • Maximum Speed: 552mph
  • Rate of Climb: 8,750 ft/min
  • Thrust to Weight:0.44



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