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Avro York

The Avro York was a 1943-1964 civilian and military aircraft developed from the Avro Lancaster (it incorporated it's wings and divided tail) which first flew in 1942 from Manchester's Ringway Airport with the Royal Air Force as it's main objective.

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Avro managed to sell 208 military Yorks, but on civil aviation it wasn't any success, with only 50 operational units. But yet it was a very versatile aircraft, and it served as Winston Churchill's private aircraft (with an pressurised chamber so VIP passangers could be carried without masks) and as the Duke of Gloucester's (Australia's Governor-General).

The York had just one significant accident, which occured when the marshall Traford Leigh-Mallory fell on the French Alps during a Blizzard, dying with his family on board. while he was being tranfered to Ceylon to take the lead of the allied troops in the Pacific.

The aircraft had three main versions: the York I, which was a civilian 4-engine transport, the York C.I, a 4-engine military transport, and the York C.II, with Hercules radial engines.