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The Bloch MB.162 was a French four-engine, long-range bomber developed by Société des Avions Marcel Bloch in the late 1930s. Only a single prototype was built; after capture by German forces, it was pressed into service with the Luftwaffe as a transport.


Developed from the speedy MB.160 long-range civil transport, the MB.162 was originally developed as a mail plane. The MB.162 01 bomber prototype first flew in June 1940 and was captured subsequent to the Armistice. Had the MB.162 entered production in 1941 as planned, it would have been a notable and fast heavy bomber for the French, somewhat analogous to the B-17 but much faster and less well-armed.

Operational history[]

The MB.162 did not fly a single combat mission, nor did the MB.162 B.5 production model ever enter production. The prototype was used by the Luftwaffe in I/KG 200 for clandestine affairs during 1943–1944.


Military operators[]