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The Boeing Bird of Prey was a black project single-seat stealth aircraft, developed and manufactured by Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. It is a technology demonstrator, which is not expected to enter service capability. With a development cost of only $67 million USD, it was a very low-cost project in comparison to other stealth aircraft.

Boeing Bird of Prey USAF-1-


Bird of prey 01

The bird of prey in flight.

The Bird of Prey was designed to test active camouflage. Because it is a technology demonstrator, the Bird of Prey uses a fly-by-wire system, but its static stability is sufficient enough for it to fly without a fly-by-wire system.

Its control system is entirely manual, with no computer assistance[1].

The Bird of Prey's first flight was in 1996. The Bird of Prey was put in the National Museum of the US Air Force on October 18, 2002.


  • Engine: One Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5C turbofan of 3,190 lbs. thrust
  • Maximum speed: 300 mph
  • Ceiling: 20,000 ft.