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Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) is a division (business unit) of The Boeing Company based in Arlington, Virginia. It is responsible for defense and aerospace products and services. It was formerly known as Boeing Integrated Defense Systems (IDS).

Boeing Integrated Defense Systems was formed in 2002 by combining the former "Military Aircraft and Missile Systems" and "Space and Communications" divisions.[4] Boeing Defense, Space & Security makes Boeing the second-largest defense contractor in the world and was responsible for 45% of the company's income in 2011.[5]

Boeing Defense, Space & Security is a consolidated group which brought together major names in aerospace; Boeing Military Airplane CompanyHughes Satellite SystemsHughes Helicopters minus the civilian helicopters products (which were divested as MD Helicopters); Piasecki Helicopter, subsequently known as Boeing Vertol and then Boeing Helicopters; the St. Louis-based McDonnell division of the former McDonnell Douglas Company; and the former North American Aviation division of Rockwell International.



Boeing Defense, Space & Security was headquartered in Greater St. Louis north of St. Louis Lambert International Airport in the northern St. Louis suburb of Berkeley, Missouri until January 2017 when top executives and support staff were relocated to Arlington, Virginia.[6] There are also significant operations in nearby Missouri communities, such as Hazelwood and St. Charles. It remains one of the largest employers in Greater St. Louis with 13,707 local employees as of 2018.[7]

Other major locations of BDS are in California and Washington state. Boeing chose to locate the defense systems offices in the St. Louis area because of the role of the space and aircraft programs of the former McDonnell Douglas location, and bipartisan support from area politicians.[8]


Boeing BDS has been reorganized into the following subdivisions as of June 13, 2018:[9]

  • Autonomous Systems – Develops and produces autonomous platforms for sea, air, and space domains, including the necessary software for remote piloting and supporting services. The Autonomous Systems portfolio also includes Insitu and Liquid Robotics, two Boeing subsidiaries.
  • Development – Enhances performance on key defense and space pre-production development programs by consolidating management, expertise and resources into one organization.
  • Global Operations – Leads Defense, Space & Security's international subsidiaries (Boeing Defence Australia, Boeing Defence India, Boeing Defense Saudi Arabia, Boeing Defence United Kingdom), seeks opportunities for additional global growth.
  • Phantom Works – Creates and advances new products and capabilities by drawing on its expertise in innovation, advanced experimentation and prototyping.
  • Space and Missile Systems – The world's largest satellite manufacturer also offering strategic missile and defense systems, weapons systems and other space and intelligence systems. The division houses Boeing's more than 60 years of space exploration expertise and manages Boeing's share of United Launch Alliance and United Space Alliance.
  • Strike, Surveillance and Mobility – Manages Boeing's current and future portfolio of fixed-wing military and surveillance aircraft, including fighters and commercial derivative platforms, and support of key platforms such as the executive transport fleet, which includes Air Force One.
  • Vertical Lift – The world's largest provider of military rotorcraft with a diverse portfolio of cargo, tiltrotor and attack platforms.


In February 2016, Leanne Caret was named President and CEO of Defense, Space & Security (BDS), a division of The Boeing Company.[1] In October 2016, Jim H. Chilton was appointed the President of Network & Space Systems (N&SS).[10]

  • President: Leanne Caret[1]
  • CEO: Leanne Caret[1]
  • President of N&SS: Jim H. Chilton[10]
  • President of Phantom Works: Darryl W. Davis[11]


Bomber aircraft[edit][]


Fighter and attack aircraft[edit][]


X-32B Joint Strike Fighter


F-15E Strike Eagle

Experimental aircraft[edit][]

Tankers and transport aircraft[edit][]


KC-135 Stratotanker refuels F-15C Eagle

Trainer aircraft[edit][]

Surveillance and other military[edit][]


E-3 Sentry

Utility aircraft[edit][]

Unmanned aerial vehicles[edit][]


The X-45A UAV, a prototype for the significantly larger X-45C


Space launch and spacecraft[edit][]


Delta rocket family

Boeing Launch Services Inc. (BLS) is Boeing's commercial launch service provider. On behalf of its commercial customers, BLS administers launch service contracts for Delta II and Delta IV launches[12][13] conducted by United Launch Alliance. In November 2010, Boeing Defense, Space & Security was selected by NASA for consideration for potential contract awards for heavy lift launch vehicle system concepts, and propulsion technologies.[14]



Space probes[edit][]



the Pegasus-class hydrofoils


On July 21, 2006, Boeing announced that it would be consolidating its Southern California locations. The Boeing facility in Anaheim will be moving to Huntington Beach, California.[15]