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The Boeing E-6 Mercury is an airborne command and control aircraft based on the Boeing 707-320.


The E-6 was developed in the 1980s and first flew on February 19, 1987. It entered service two years later, replacing the US Navy's EC-130 fleet. The E-6 was known as Hermes until 1991, when it was renamed Mercury. It is used as an airborne command post for the United States Strategic Command, instructing the various components of the US Armed Forces, from nuclear submarines to bombers. It has been codenamed Looking Glass, and continues to serve in this role today. 16 have been built.


  • Powerplant: Four CFMI CFM-56-2A-2 turbofan engines
  • Top speed: 600 mph
  • Range: 7,590 miles
  • Ceiling: at least 40,000 ft
  • Crew: 12-25
  • Capacity: 23 people
  • Empty weight: 172,842 lbs
  • Length: 150 ft 4 in
  • Height: 42 ft 5 in
  • Wingspan: 148 ft 4 in