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VC-25 'Air Force One'

The Boeing VC-25 is a modified version of the passenger Boeing 747. It is most famous for its role as main transport for the President of the United States of America, Air Force One.


In 1985 the pair of Boeing 707s used for presidential transport were becoming old and outdated so a request was issued for an aeroplane with at least 3 engines and a range of 6000 miles without refueling. The Boeing 747 and the Douglas DC-10 were already the two main contenders. Reagan ordered two 747's for immediate usage. The VC-25's were completed in 1986 and first flew in 1987 with the interior being based on the Southwest and being designed by Nancy Reagan. However, problems with the interior wiring prevented the VC-25s from being delivered until 1990, during the term of George H. W. Bush.


The main deck is where most of the passengers reside during flights. It is where the President's office and quarters are and where the offices of travelling politicians are. Also at the rear of the plane is the press area where members of the press travel with the president. It is much like the cabin of an airline's 1st class section.The top deck contains the Flight Deck and the communications centre.

Air Force One

There are 3 doors on the VC-25. Two are on the cargo deck and one is on the middle deck. The President is normally seen leaving from the door on the middle deck while the press enter the rear, lower cargo door.