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The Brewster F2A Buffalo was the first monoplane fighter of the US Navy and was developed by Brewster Aeronautical Corporation. The aircraft was used by many countries out of the USA and despite of many design weaknesses it was relatively successful in combat.


The Buffalo was the result of a US Navy requirement to replace the Grumman F3F carrier-based fighter. It was a single engine monoplane, with foldable wingtip sections, retractable landing gear and a tailhook. Its American competitors were the Grumman F4F Wildcat and the Seversky P-35. Because of the fact that the F2A was the first aircraft made by Buffalo, it should have been called, based on the former US Navy policy, "Brewster FA". The reason for the name "F2A" is probably the

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CV-2 USS Lexington, March 1942. According other source the plane coded 2-F-16 had BuNo.1421.

biplane fighter Fokker XFA-1, which is already called "FA".

The first flight of the prototype, designated as XF2A-1 was in December 1937. After testing with the US Navy, 54 F2A-1 aicraft were ordered. The first flight of the F2A-1 was in January 1938.