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Britten Norman Trislander is a three-engine STOL utility aircraft built by British manufacturer Britten Norman[N 1] as a developed version of it's twin-engine aircraft Islander.


A total of 81 examples were built between 1971 and 1984. Twelve of these were produced in kit form, and sold in 1979 to a customer in the USA. Ten were subsequently returned to Britten Norman and sold to an Australian concern. Two kits were sold to the Exxtor Group in 1995 for assembly by Anglo Normandy Aero Engineering in Guernsey, with the first of these making it's maiden flight on 29 March 1996, before entering service with Aurigny Air Services.[2]



  1. Founded as Britten-Norman in the late 1950s, becoming Pilatus Britten-Norman in 1979. Bought by Litchfield Continental Ltd in July 1998, and reverted to it's original name. Became B-N Group when sold to Alawi Enterprises LLC in May 2000. [1]


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