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The Canadair CF-5, designated CF-116 in the military, is a Canadian variant of the F-5 Freedom Fighter. It was introduced in 1968, and some are still in service today.


Development of the CF-5 began in 1959, when Northrop announced that it was holding discussions with a consortium of European countries, as well as Australia and the UK, regarding licence production of the N-156F. Although the European countries decided to build the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, Canada acquired a licence for the F-5.[1]


  • Length: 47 FT 2 in
  • Wing Span: 25 FT 10 in
  • Wing Area: 186 FT
  • Maximum Speed: 978 MPH/ 1,575 KM/H
  • Rate of Climb: 34,400 FT/min



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