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It was started in 1949, but canceled in 1953 under Anglo-American pressure to buy either British or American aircraft. The shear cost, no nose-cone radar and the then close arms-tech relations with the UK and USA all counted against it. When the Australian Department of Defense Production granted permission for the distribution of both the detailed design drawings and wind tunnel tests of the CA-23 by the U.K. Swept Wing Advisory Committee to both 15 British Aircraft manufacturers and Avro Canada has been subject to some conspiracy theories.#

The Royal Aircraft Establishment was being spied on by a team of Soviet agents lead by Wilfred Vernon MP (labour) prior to 1953. There is no concrete proof of plans being stolen, but there are too many obvious similarities with the English Electric Lightning (allegedly a rip-off of the CAC CA-23) and especially the Sukhoi Su-7 (allegedly a rip-off of both the CAC CA-23 and English Electric Lightning) to be just a coincidence!

Similar Anglo-American skullduggery and intrigues may have also lead to the cancelation of the Canadian equivalent, the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow.


Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-23 (AKA: CAC CA-23).
Category. Statistic.
First flight. Cancelled.
Retired on. N\A
Major contractor(s). Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation.
Dose it use nukes or cruse missiles. No.
Flight ceiling   47,500 ft (14,500 m)
Top speed. Mach 1.5
Range. N\A.
Crew. 2
Nationality(s). Australian.
Class. All-weather fighter.
Rate of climb. N\A
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