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The EuroRADAR CAPTOR is the radar mounted on the Eurofighter Typhoon, concerning range it is the best of its class and the second best when comparing it to all other radars. The best radar is the APG-77 from the F-22 Raptor and F35 Lightning.

It is a multi mode pulse-Doppler Radar and the first NATO radar with three channels, instead of two, the third channel is used for self-protection roles. It was developed as the successor to the Blue Vixen radar, which was developed for the Sea Harrier FA.Mk.2. It operates in I/J Band (8 to 12 GHz).

The radar was primarily designed for air to air roles but it also has air to surface features. It is able to track a 1 m² target at a range of 185 km and a normal passenger plane at a range of 370 km.

Air to Air features[]

  • Search modes are: Range While Search (RWS), Velocity Search (VS) and multiple target Track While Scan (TWS)
  • It has Lock-Follow Modes, which are modified for long range detections and short range detections to be used in visual identification or gun attacks
  • The Air Combat Acquisition Modes allow a selection of boresight, slaved acquisition or vertical scan HUD field of view

Air to surface features[]

  • The search modes are: Ground Map, High Resolution Map, Ground Moving Target Identification and Sea Surface Search and Track While Scan
  • Track modes are: Fixed Target Track and Moving Target Track
  • Air-to-Surface Ranging

Terrain avoidance