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Focke-Wulf Ta 183

Focke-Wolf Ta 183


Role Unbuilt aircraft design
Crew 1 pilot
First flight Never
Entered service Never
Manufacturer Focke-Wulf
Produced Unbuilt
Length 30ft 2in 9.20 m
Wingspan 32ft 9.5in 10 m
Height 12ft 8in 3.86 m
Wing area 242 ft² 22.50 m²
Empty 6,596lb 2,380 kg
Loaded 11,243lb with 4,409lb of fuel 5,100 kg with 2,000kg of fuel
Maximum takeoff
Engine 1 × Heinkel-Hirth HeS 109-011 A-0
Power (each) 2,865 lb st 1,300 kp
Maximum speed 597 mph at 23,000ft 962 km/h at 7,000m
Cruising speed
Range 1,335 miles at 55% thrust 2,150km at 55% thrust
Ceiling 47,000ft 14,000 m
Rate of climb 79ft/sec 24.2m/sec

The Focke-Wulf Ta 183 was a German design for a successer to the Me-262 in World War 2. It was only in wind tunnel testing before the war ended.

The Ta 183 was designed as a single engine, single seat, swepted wing fighter aircraft, that was armed with guns. It was also to be also equipped with retractable landing gear. The development started in 1942, as "Project VI".


  • Ta-183 Design II: (It's unknown about what Design I referred to.) The original "T-tail" design.
  • Ta-183 Design III: The second known design, the degree of the swept wings has been lowered, the landing gear slightly modified, and the T-tail has been reshaped to a more conventional style. The canopy has also been moved back.
  • Ta-183B: A two seat form of the Ta-183 II, which also appears to have an enlarged nose. This variant could have been made for a night-fighter variant, or as a trainer. (Details unknown)