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The Fokker D.VII was a German fighter aircraft that was used in World War I. The aircraft, built by Fokker


Aeroplanbau GmbH, was the best fighter aircraft of its time. An aircraft with excellent controllability, even at high altitude and with a stable design, outperformed most of the allied aircraft with ease. The Fokker D.VII was so much superior to all western fighters that the Americans destroyed or confiscated all remaining D.VIIs at the end of the War.


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At the end of the year 1917, the new SPAD S.XIII and S.E.5 fighters enjoyed air superiority. Germany called for development of an advanced single seat fighter aircraft. In January of the year 1918 a fly-off on Adlershof was made. 31 aircraft were in the competition. The Fokker prototype V.11, which was later named Fokker D.VII, was declared as the winner. The D.VII was designed by Reinhold Platz, Fokker´s chief-engineer.