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The Grumman OV-1 Mohawk is a double seat surveillance- and reconnaissance aircraft, developed by Grumman. It was used by the United States Army until September 1996 and is still used by the Argentine Army Aviation.

800px-OV-1 Mohawk


The OV-1 was the first aircraft of the US-Army, powered by Turboprop engines. The OV-1 has a very low speed, even though it is quite manoeuvrable and because the low speed makes it very vulnerable against Anti-aircraft weapons, the OV-1 has very strong armour, especially in the cockpit area, there it has a 64 mm protective Aluminium covering. Besides that, its windows are made of bulletproof glass, to protect the two side by side sitting crewmembers better. The aircraft was designed to take-off from short and unimproved runways. Special features of the Mohawk are the propellers, mounted on the top of the wings, the tail section with three rudders and the slightly V-shaped horizontal stabilizators and on the OV-1B, a small plastic container with a side-mounted radar in it.