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TBF early1942

The Grumman TBF Avenger was a single engine, carrier-based, World War II bomber aircraft. The first flight took place on 1st August 1941. The aircraft had a crew of three men and it became quickly the new flag-ship torpedo bomber of the United States Navy, its first missions were at the Battle of Midway against the Japanese. One of its advantages was that its armament, composed of bombs and/or torpedoes, had been stored in an internal weapons bay, giving it a decisive aerodynamical advantage. The Avenger was also exported to many allies of the United States, such as the Royal Navy of Great Britain, for missions over the Atlantic- and the P

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acific Ocean, but it was exported to the Air Force of New Zeeland as well.

A development of it, called TBM-3, was able to carry its armament not only in an internal bay, but also unguided missiles on external pylons under the wings.

After the war, the Avenger was used as a reconnaissance and supply aircraft, for some time, until it was retired in the 1960s.