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Grupo taca

Gupo TACA was a Central American airline alliance founded in 1997, it was based in San Salvador, El Salvador. It ended merging all airlines by later adopting the unique name of TACA.


In 1998, Grupo TACA gave a unique livery to all of their airlines, it consisted in a white body and engines with a red line under the windows next the name of each airine in blue Times type. The vertical stabilizer was completely blue with a red line and the logo with the five parrots and the "Grupo TACA" name under.

In early-2000s the name in the tail was replaced with only "TACA", which remained until 2008.



  • Even with the merging of Aviateca, NICA and TACA, LACSA was the only airline which still kept flying with it's name in the planes during the first unique livery. It was in part because TACA sold all the 737s owned by Aviateca and NICA, by then TACA stayed only with Airbus which LACSA was the only one which previously owned those models.
  • COPA was firstly offered to join the group, but they rejected and instead they decided to firm an alliance with Continental Airlines.