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The Guizhou WZ-2000 or WhuZhen-2000 ( Whuren Zencha-2000 ) is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, that was unveiled

Wz2000 01large

by Guizhou Aviation Industry Group ( GAIG ), the first time at the 2000 Zuhai Air Show. But this model wasn´t very accurate, so that 2 years later at the 2002 Zuhai Air Show, a more accurate model was unveiled. The WZ-2000 was designed to act as a reconnaissance drone and it shows still some features making it stealthy like some radar cross section reductions. The by a single WS-11 turbofan engine powered UAV, was first flown in December 2003. The WZ-2000 is equipped with an onboard remote sensing system, which was successfully tested in August 2004. The sensors of it are a thermal imaging camera, a synthetic aperture radar ( SAR ), the images the UAV records are transmitted using a satellite communications antenna, which is monted in the nose bulge.


Payload capacity 80 kg
Length 7.5 m
Wingspan 9.8 m
Maximum takeoff-weight 1,700 kg
Powerplant 1x WS-11 turbofan, with a thrust of 16.9 kN
Maximum speed 800 km/h
Range 2,400 km
Maximum flight endurance 3 hours
Service ceiling 17,983 m