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Heinkel He 280

The He 280 V2 (GJ+CA) landing after it's first flight on 30 March 1941[N 1]


Crew 1 pilot
First flight 22nd September 1940
Entered service Never
Manufacturer Ernst Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
Produced 9
Length 34 ft 1 1/2 in 10.40 m
Wingspan 40 ft 12.20 m
Height 10 ft 1/2 in 3.06 m
Wing area 231.5 sq ft 21.5 sq m
Empty 7,073 lb 3,215 kg
Loaded 9,482 ;b 4,310 kg
Maximum takeoff
Engine 2 × Heinkel HeS 8A
Power (each) 1,750 lb st 750 kg st
Maximum speed 559 mph for 30 secs at 19,680 ft 900 km/h for 30 secs at 6,000 m
Cruising speed 510 mph at 19.680 ft 820 km/h at 6,000 m
Range 404 miles at 19,680 ft 650 km at 6,000 m
Ceiling 37,720 ft 11,500 m
Rate of climb 3,755 ft/min 1,145 m/min

The Heinkel He 280 was a German made prototype jet fighter. The first one in the world, it was inspired by Ernst Heinkel's emphasis on researching a high speed fighter. Nine were built, but none were used operationally, because of politics and preference for the Me-262.


Designed during the late 1930s in conjunction with Heinkel's turbojet development programme, the airframe of the first He 280 was completed by September 1940, making it's initial flight as a glider on 22 September, as none of the Heinkel turbojets were ready in time.[2]




  1. The engine cowlings were not fitted due to fuel leaks from the engines[1]


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