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A hijacking is a criminal action where a passenger uses violence to take control of the plane, sometimes


The horrifying scene of a hijacked plane crashing into the North Tower in the WTC complex.

hijackers do it to pilot the plane by themselves and take it to a non-programmed destination, or for being crashed in the worst cases. Hijkackers not necessarily take control of the plane to crash it or not even take control of the plane, sometimes they persuade the pilot to land in an specific airport the hijacker asks for

Post-911 controls[]

After Septenber 11 terrorist attacks, airlines and airports took importanly strict actions against potential hijackers, chich also consisted on investings high amounts of money in new weapon-detection technology and new inspections to avoid passengers carrying dangerous objects, specially sharp ones which were precisely what hijackers used to take control of the four planes in 911.

Forced piloting hijackings[]

  • In September 1970, El Al flight 219, TWA 741, Swissair 100, Pan Am 93 and BOAC 775 were hijacked by Palestine terrorists and forced to land in a former British air base in Zakra, Jordan. Their goal was to ask for Palestinean prisioners' freedom.
  • In 4th July, 1976 an Air France A300 was hijacked and forced to land in Entebbe, Uganda.