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Il 14 at Arlanda in 1970

Il 14 at Arlanda in 1970

Il 14 {NATO name:crate} is a small, short piston-engine passenger and cargo plane make by Ilyushin. It make it first flight in 1950 and introduce in 1954. The Il-14 was developed as a replacement for the Soviet-made Douglas DC-3, Lisunov Li-2. An earlier development version, the Ilyushin Il-12, (first taken off in 1945) the Il-14 was intended for mass use in both military and civilian use. The Il-12 suffered major problems, poor engine and limited carrying capacity (although the Il-12 was originally designed to carry only 32 passengers, in fact it carried only 18 people, economically low).

The development of the Il-14 was modified from earlier lessons, with new wings and tail wings with a larger angle, it was powered by two shvetsov ASh-82T-7 circular piston engines of 1900 hp (1400 kW). These changes have greatly improved mobility. More than 1,000 were built, and by 1960, 3,680 had been produced, both in the Soviet Union and under license in East Germany and Czechoslovaki

Il-14P: Commercial transport version.

Il-14M: Commercial transport version, longer fuselage.

Il-14T: Military transport version.

Il-14G: Dedicated transport version.

Crate-C: Electronic warfare version.

Avia 14-32: 32-seat version of the Ilyushin Il-14M.Avia 14-42: Extended version with pressupressed body.

Avia 14T: Transport version of the Ilyushin Il-14M.

Avia 14FG: Aerial research version.

Avia 14 Salon: VIP version.