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The last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Ishpeming-Dexter Airport was on the April 1954 Lake Superior Sectional Chart. It depicted Ishpeming-Dexter Airport as having a 2,500' unpaved runway.

Ishpeming Airport, also known as Ishpeming-Dexter Airport, was established in February 1936 at Greenwood, MI.

(As of now) The date of establishment of this early general aviation airport has not been determined.

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The earliest photo which has been located of Ishpeming Airport was a 5/13/51 USGS aerial view. It depicted 2 perpendicular unpaved runways, with an airport circle marking at the intersection. There were no visible aircraft on the field, nor any buildings.

The earliest depiction of Ishpeming Airport was on the February 1936 Lake Superior Sectional Chart. And it depicted Ishpeming as an auxiliary airfield. [1]

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Ishpeming Airport, as depicted on the February 1936 Lake Superior Sectional Chart. Photo showing the airport in use has not been located.

in 1952, a aerial view depicted Ishpeming Airport in an unchanged fashion.

Ishpeming-Dexter Airport was then closed (for unknown reasons) at some point between 1954-55,

as it was no longer depicted on the May 1955 Lake Superior Sectional Chart.

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"Dexter Landing Field"

The 1955 USGS topo map continued to depicted “Dexter Landing Field”, with 2 perpendicular unpaved runways.

The 1983 USGS topo map continued to depict 2 perpendicular runways, generically labeled generic “Landing Field”, at the site of Dexter Airport.