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Jetconnect is an airline based in New Zealand which operated trans-Tasman 737 services for Qantas.

Jetconnect has historically flown a fleet of 737-400 and 737-300, then 737-800 aircraft, of which all of the 737-80s have been transferred to Qantas as of September 2018.

The airline flew out of various international hubs in New Zealand to locations in Australia, but its base and main focus was Auckland, standard Qantas aircraft often taking over in other New Zealand cities. The airline also previously flew domestic main trunk routes through main New Zealand centres until 2009 when Jetstar took over services.

All Jetconnect aircraft were registered in New Zealand.

Although the airline doesn't operate any aircraft any more, Jetconnect trains and employs crew for various Qantas international flights.


Jetconnect flew to four cities in New Zealand and three in Australia.

In New Zealand:[]

  • Auckland
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch
  • Queenstown

In Australia:[]

  • Brisbane
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne


The airline had a historic fleet of:

  • 13 737-300s
  • 4 737-400s
  • 8 737-800s

The 737-800s were introduced to replace the older 737-300s in 2009, and then the 737-400s in 2011.

As of September 2018 all aircraft had been transferred to Qantas or scrapped.


Jetconnect's livery was identical to the Qantas livery aside from the New Zealand tail numbers. No aircraft received the 2015 updated Qantas livery.