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Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) is a major airport located in the city of El Coco, Alajuela in Costa

Juan Santamaria Airport SJO 12 2009 4900

Rica, despite it's location it appears in airline tickets as San Jose. It's name comes from Costa Rica's national hero Juan Santamaría, who fighted in the battle of Rivas against the U.S. Army lead by William Walker, he was originary from Alajuela.


The airport was build as a replacement of La Sabana International Airport, which only had a grass runway and could only receive propeller aircraft.


  • The real Juan Santamaría statue is actually located in this airport, though it was always populary said that it's located in Juan Santamaría Park, which is not actually true since that's a French Army soldier.
  • The only fatal incidents ocurred in this airport involved land crew trampled by an aircraft while rolling at the gates area.