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Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1989-039-18A, Flugzeug Junkers Ju 188

The Junkers Ju 188 was a bomber aircraft of the German Luftwaffe, during World War II.


The Ju 188 was a twin engine bomber with retractable undercarriage; it was flown by a crew of three. The aircraft was a development of th Junkers Ju 88. It was powered by two Jumo 213A engines (A-D variants) or by two BMW 801 G-2 radial engines (E and F series). The first flight of the Ju 188 V1 took place in the year 1941.

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This Ju.188 which was one of a numberused by the French for guided missile trials in the late 1940's.

In comparison to the Ju 88, the Ju 188 had a modified cockpit, with new wings and a new tail section. The Ju 188 had a so-called “Kampfkopf” in which the whole crew was housed. But the aircraft was also equipped with more powerful engines and the aerodynamics were improved as well. Production of the Ju 188 started in

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This aircraft was lost near Bergamo, Italy on 19th September 1944. The colors are the standard late war with 'snakes' RLM76 over upper surfaces.

February 1943 and ended in February 1945. All in all 1234 aircraft have been built.