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Ju 90 in flight[1]

The Ju-90 was a civilian transport aircraft developed from the experimental Ju-89 strategic bomber design.


Following the realisation that the Ju-89 programme was about to be abandoned, the Junkers company received permission to use the major components of the third aircraft, Ju-89 V3 (c/n 4913), to develop a transport aircraft for Lufthansa. The only stipulation from the RLM was the use of a different engine type by subsequant examples, in place of the 960 hp Damiler Benz DB 600 engines originally fitted. This led to 4913's wings, tail assembly and engines being combined with a new rectangular section, duralumin and steel monocoque

19 1

Two or three German Ju.90B-1 were used for Luftwaffe staff and equipment transporting to Iraq during unsuccessful anti-British rebellion in 1941. Iraqi markings were painted roughly over German.

fuselage, the resulting aircraft being redesignasted Ju-90 V1. Registered D-AALU and named Der Grosse Dessauer, the Ju 90 V1 made it's first flight on 28 August 1937, only to crash on 6 February 1938 while conducting flutter tests.[2]


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