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The FA-50 is a Mach 1.5 Capable Light Combat Aircraft produced by Korea Air Industries (KAI). Developed from the T-50 Golden Eagle Supersonic Trainer, the aircraft was produced by KAI with the help of


Lockheed Martin in the United States. The Aircraft made it's maiden flight in 2002. The T-50 currently has 4 variants: the T-50 Trainer, T-50B Aerobatic Aircraft, TA-50 Attack/Trainer Aircraft and FA-50 Light Combat Aircraft. The T-50 has 2 Specialized variants: The T-50I for Indonesia and the T-50TH for Thailand. The FA-50 also has 2 specialized variants: The FA-50PH for the Philippines and the T-50IQ for Iraq


The FA/TA/T-50 is operated/bought by the following nations

  • Indonesian Air Force - 16 T-50I aircraft ordered; all were delivered by January 2014.
  • Iraqi Air Force - 24 T-50IQ aircraft ordered, with deliveries to begin in April 2016.
Republic of Korea
  • Republic of Korea Air Force - 49 T-50, 9 T-50B, 22 TA-50, 20 FA-50 aircraft in service as of October 2014.
  • Philippine Air Force - 12 FA-50PH aircraft on order; 2 aircraft delivered in November 2015.
  • Royal Thai Air Force - 4 T-50TH advance trainers ordered; to be delivered by 2018.