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800px-Kamov Ka-137

Illustration of Kamov Ka-137 drone, showing spherical fuselage and coaxial rotors.

The Kamov Ka-137 is an unmanned multi-purpose Unmanned Aerial Vehicle designed by Kamov Design Bureau.

It is utilized for reconnaissance, patrol, police, ecology, data transmission, and emergency air delivery of special cargoes.

Three versions exist: one ship-based, one ground vehicle-based, and one helicopter-based.


The Ka-137 is powered by a piston engine that drives a coaxial-rotor shaft. The tailess design features a spherical fuselage roughly 4 feet 3 inches in diameter with four-leg leaf-spring landing gear.

Ka-137 1

The onboard inertial-satellite navigation system ensures automatic flight on the complicated flight profile. In the special purpose equipment compartment the TV and thermal vision camera, radar, translation equipment, as well as other gauges and systems totalling up to 80 kg can be installed.

The Ka-137 is able to carry a PKT 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun.