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A Russian Helix KA-27

The Kamov Ka-27 Helix is a military helicopter developed for the Soviet Navy by Kamov. It is currently in military use in various countries including Russia, Ukraine, People's Republic of China, Vietnam, India, Cuba, and the Republic of Korea.


The Ka-27 Helix is primarily used as an anti-submarine helicopter as well as a troop transport.

There are many variants of the Helix, including the Ka-29TB (Helix-B) which fills the role of an "assault transport" helicopter. The Helix-B can hold 16 troops in addition to two pilots.


Developed as a replacement for the Ka-25, the Ka-27 was first flown during December 1974, before undergoing operational evaluation in mid 1981. First observed by NATO while aboard the destroyer Udaloy, the Ka-27 began replacing the Ka-25 in AV-MF service in 1982, with 100 examples in service by late 1990.[1]


Like other Kamov designs, the Ka-27 Helix was designed with a co-axial rotor system, eliminating the need for a tail rotor. The first prototype of the Helix flew in December 1973, however it was not officially introduced into service until 1982.


Russian Ka-27 Helix Landing aboard USS Vella Gulf

Russian Ka-27 Helix Landing aboard USS Vella Gulf

The Ka-27 is similar in size to its predecessor, the Ka-25, due to the fact that it was intended to replace the aging Ka-25 design and had to fit in the same hangars.


The Ka-27 Helix may be equipped with radar, magnetic anomaly detection, dipping sonar, and/or sonobuoys. The Kamov Ka-31 was a limited variant designed specifically for maritime reconnaissance.


For anti-submarine warfare, the Helix can hold 1 torpedo or 36 sonobuoys.

The Ka-29TB Assault Transport Helix variant can be upgraded with a forward-firing 7.62mm machine gun, 1 30mm Shipunov 2A42 autocannon, and has 4 external hardpoints for bombs, rockets, gunpods, missile launchers, and other munitions. This variant can also carry up to 16 troops.


  • Ka-27PL Helix A: Standard initial version
  • Ka-29TB Helix B: Modified version with wider forward cabin
  • Ka-32T: Civilian model lacking offensive equipment and radar.[1]


Engines: 2 Isotov TV3-117[2]

Top Speed: 250km/h

Range: 800km

Rotor diameter: 16m

Length: 11m

Height: 5.4m


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