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Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark

Ka-50 black shark

Ka-50 'Blackshark'

The Kamov Ka-50 otherwise known as the Black Shark is a single-seat Russian attack helicopter. It has a distinct coaxial rotor system and was designed during the 80s. It was taken into service in 1995 by the Russian Military and is being used as a heavily armed scout helicopter. During the late 90s, Kamov and Israel Aerospace Industries developed another double-seat variant, the Kamov Ka-52 "Alligator".

Ka-50 Black Shark Powerful Battle Helicopter2

Ka-50 'Blackshark'.


  • Crew: 1
  • 1 2 (1)
    Max Capacity: 6 passengers 
  • Rotor Size: 14.5 m Height: 4.93 m 
  • Length: 16.0 m
  • Max speed: 196 mph - 315 km/h
  • Cruising speed: 168 mph - 270 km/h
  • Service ceiling: 5,500 m - 18,000 ft
  • Range: 339 miles - 545 km 


1x mobile semi-rigid 30 mm Shipunov 2A42 cannon

Rockets: 80 x 80 mm S-8 rockets and 20 x 122 mm S-13 rocket,

Missiles: 2 x APU-6 Missile racks, can accommodate a total of 12x 9K121 Vikhr anti-tank missiles, Vympel R-73 air-to-air missiles or Kh-25 semi-active laser guided tactical air-to-ground missiles

Bombload: 4x 250 kg (550 lb) bombs or 2x 500 kg (1,100 lb) bombs,