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The Lockheed Constellation (populary known as "Connie") was a four-engine triple tail airliner built by Lockheed Corporation.


Development of the Constellation on 9th June 1939, when Howard Hughes, Majority stockholder of TWA, visited Lockheed and personally presented the company with a requirement for a super-luxury transport, capable of flying non-stop coast to coast across the continental USA.[N 1] by the end of 1939, TWA submitted an order for nine Model 049s - known to Lockheed as the L-49 - which was later increased to 40, and soon followed by an order for a similar number from Pan Am.[2]


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  1. The demanding specification had already been rejected by Boeing and Douglas, and specified an empty weight of 52,300 lb (24,132 kg), a cruising speed of over 300 mph (483 km/h) from four 2,200 hp (1,641 kW) engines and the ability to fly non-stop from New York to London.[1]


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