• Wingspan: your mom
  • womb combo
  • Top speed: as ur mom last night
  • Max altitude: unknown/not released
  • Powerplant: unknown/not released
  • Type: UAV
  • Role: reconnaissance dildo
  • User: us air force



TFzdfsfds free srrdskfmsglfsjgrlkjdsgjondxhe Sentinels is operated by the 30th reconnaissance squadron based at Tonopah test range airport in Nevada and used over Tilaban and Al qaida bases for enemy ground actions, but both of the terrorist organizations have no radar so some people guess that it was used to spy on Iran or pakistan but there is no evidence. According to the south korean JongAng daily newspaper released in December 2009 that the RQ-170 was been test flighted in South Korea for the past flew months and will be replacing the U-2 permanently in 2010 that also means replacing the older replacement that is retired because it is taking it's role.

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