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Lockheed Martin X-35

The XF-35A in flight

Role Technology Demonstrator
Crew 1
First flight 24th October 2000
Entered service Test Aircraft
Manufacturer Lockheed Martin
Produced 2
Length 15,37 m
Wingspan 10,67 m
Height 5,28 m
Wing area 42,70 m²
Empty 11.340 kg
Maximum takeoff 22.280 kg
Engine Pratt & Whitney PW611 Turbofan
Power (each)
  • wet: 1x 156,07 kN
  • dry: 1x 111,83 kN
Maximum speed Mach 1.6+
Cruising speed
Range 2222 km
Ceiling 15240 m
Rate of climb Classified

The Lockheed Martin X-35 was a technology demonstrator which won the Joint Strike Fighter program. It was later developed into the F-35 Lightning II.

Joint Strike Fighter Competition[]

For the Joint Strike Fighter program two prototypes were built - Boeing's X-32 and Lockheeds X-35. On 18th September 2000 the X-32 had it´s first flight and on 24th October the X-35. Both had to demonstrate the capability of vertical takeoff and landing. On 26th October 2001 the X-35 was declared as the winner, because of the conventional design which would lower the production cost and the X-32 had problems because it was too heavy for it´s size. And because the X-35 was more agile.