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Lun ekranoplan

The Lun-class ekranoplan (NATO codename: "Duck")(Said ek-ran-o-plan) was a ground effect aircraft developed by the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Only one was ever built.


The single Lun-class, designated as MD-160, was 240 ft long and 144 ft wide. It was powered by eight Kuzentov NK-87 turbofans producing 28,660 lbs of thrust each, and had a top speed of 342 mph. Construction of MD-160 began in


1983 and ended in 1986. It entered service in 1987 armed for anti-ship combat, carrying six P-270 Moskit guided missle launchers. The craft was retired in the late 1990s and now sits in a naval yard in Kaspiysk, Russia.