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F-22 Raptor versus Sukhoi PAK-FA– This article provides an analysis of the capabilities of the two aircraft. You have to remember that the PAK-FA is still a prototype, details and information on it are subject to change.

Stealth:Before I start comparing the stealth characteristics of the F-22 Raptor and the PAK-FA, it is important to know how stealth works and to know which different aspects make these aircraft stealthy. There are many different methods to prevent being detected in combat...
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IndoMaja IndoMaja 20 May



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Vete Valenzuela Vete Valenzuela 6 April

My 10 favorite aircraft (With pictures)

Favorite aircraft #1: Boeing 777

Favorite aircraft #2: McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Favorite aircraft #3: Boeing 747

Favorite aircraft #4: Falcon XP

Favorite aircraft #5: Cessna 180

Favorite aircraft #6: Boei…

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Coolboi12345 Coolboi12345 1 May 2020

Best Bomber

What is your favorite bomber? Here are your choices. If you don't know the bomber just look it up on the wiki!

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