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The Bf.108 Taifun was a German communications aircraft developed by the Messerschmit company. The aircraft was initially made to enter a touring competition, and was very advanced for a light aircraft at the time, having retractable landing gear and all-metal construction. The aircraft could seat four passengers, and had a 225-hp Birth HM8U or 220-hp Argus As 17B piston engine. In 1935 the improved Bf.108B was developed, with a 240-hp Argus engine, no upper tailplane bracing, and a tailwheel instead of a skid. The aircraft competed in rallies during the 1936 Berlin Olympics, which led to the Luftwaffe becoming interested in the plane. During the second world war, the aircraft was used by countries on both sides for communications and transport, and after the war the aircraft was produced in France by Nord. All told, 885 were built from 1934-45, and 285 were built post-war.


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