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Messerschmitt Me 210
Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-363-2270-18, Frankreich, Flugzeug Me 210

Role Bomber destroyer
First flight 2nd September 1939
Entered service 1941
Manufacturer Messerschmitt
Produced 702
Length 39 ft 12.12 m
Wingspan 53 ft 16.34 m
Height 14 ft 4.28 m
Wing area
Empty 15,586 Ib 7,070 kg
Maximum takeoff 21,397 Ib 9,706 kg
Engine 2 × Daimler-Benz DB 601F liquid-cooled inverted V12 engine
Power (each) 993 kW 1,350 horsepower
Maximum speed 350 mph 564 km/h
Cruising speed
Range 1,820 km
Ceiling 29,200 ft 8,900 m
Rate of climb

The Messerschmitt Me 210 was a German, single seat, twin engine World War II Bomber destroyer aircraft.


The Me 210 was designed to be the replacement for the Messerschmitt Bf 110. Because of design problems production was cancelled after 261 produced aircraft, so that production of the Messerschmitt Bf 110 was restarted. 148 of the already built aircraft got an enlarged fuselage and were equipped with new DB 605 engines, with that the problems could be fixed. All in all 325 Me 210 fighters were produced until March 1943. In Hungary, production was started at the beginning of 1943, so that 377 aircraft were built until the end of World War II. All in all 702 Me 210 were built. In the year 1943 the Me 210 was equipped with better DB 603 engines

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The aircraft in standard RAF camouflage. Nowadays it is exhibited at RAF Museum at Cosford painted as 3U╬CC.

and entered service with its new name Messerschmitt Me 410.