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Middle East Airlines Air Liban S.A.L. ( الشرق الأوسط ـ الخطوط الجوية اللبنانيةطيران) is the national airline of Lebanon, called also MEA (for short) with it's head office in Beirut (near Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport). It operates Asia, Europe and Middle East flights. It is the member of SkyTeam which one of the 2 airlines of Middle East that are in SkyTeam.

History of MEA[]

Founded in 1945 by a Lebanese prime minister and El-Hoss for the support of technical support of BOAC. Operations started in 1946 in a DH.89. Flights to Beirut to Nicosia and Baghdad. 1963 when Air Liban and MEA merged together with being the only airline in Middle East. Also in the same year they took Lebanese International Airways. (I cannot explain the whole thing before 2000s.)

In 2010, MEA introduced some kiosks during checking for the flight. The airline is planning to launch a Arabic airline alliance. On 2011, a 48 hour strike was issued after a pilot issued a cancer.

On 2012, MEA joined SkyTeam as the 17th member of the alliance. And also the second after Saudia joined.


MEA serves Europe, Asia and Middle East and it serves 38 of them. Mykonos is for seasonal charter and Medina for Seasonal.


MEA serves all Airbus fleet including the A320, A321s and A330s.

Current fleet of Middle East Airlines
In service Aircraft Orders Passengers
9 Airbus A320 Family (A320-200) - 126
9 Airbus A321neo 2 160
- Airbus A321XLR 4 150
Other fleet (The table doesn't have enough space for A330s and private jets)


Aircraft Orders Passengers
4 Airbus A330 (-200) - 244
- Airbus A330 (-900) - 280
- Embraer Legacy 500 - 12