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The Mikoyan MiG-31 is a Russian supersonic interceptor that was developed from the MiG-25 as a replacement for it and it´s one of the only real Mach 3 planes. The design was based off of the MiG-25, which is the reason why the two look similar when compared. New engines, enhanced radar, capable of looking up and down with multiple targets, and more fuel capacity.

The Mig-31's production began in 1979 and roughly 400 had been built by the year 2000.

The aircraft was given the NATO ASCC codename Foxhound.

Cockpit Layout[]

The MiG-31 has a crew of two; a pilot and a radar controller. Although the cockpit controls are duplicated in each cockpit, it is standard for the aircraft to be flown from the front seat.

Front Seat Details[]

The front seat has the joystick located between the pilot's legs. Throttle controls are located on the left hand side of the cockpit. This seat is where the pilot is located. The ejection seat is a KM-1, and can be used at 0/0, or zero feet, zero speed safely.

Back Seat Details[]

The back seat has a limited side view, and is where the weapons system operator is found. The second crew member lightens the work load of the pilot. Like the front seat, the back seat ejection seat is a KM-1, and works at 0/0.


Length: 72ft

Wingspan: 43ft. 11 in.

Wing area: 685 ft2

Height: 20 ft. 6 in.

Max. Speed @ Sea Level: 932 MPH

Max. Speed @ Altitude: 1,864 MPH

Service Ceiling: 60,000 ft.

Max. Range: 2,485 mi.

Armament: The normal loadout is eight air-to-air missiles. Options include AA-7 Apex (both infrared homing and radar homing), AA-2 Atoll, AA-8 Aphid, AA-9 Amos, AA-10 Alamo, and AA-11 Archer missiles. These can be placed on two wing pylons and six ventral fuselage points. A single 30mm GSh-301 cannon is mounted on a large fairing on the right side of the fuselage, just above the main landing gear well. (About the middle of the body.)


The Western powers first became aware of the MiG-31 when Viktor Belenko revealed that the Soviet Union were developing an improved aircraft based on the MiG-25.