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Mitsubishi J2M

Mitsubishi F-2 (F-16 airframe)

Mitsubishi is a Japanese industrial company that also manufacturered aircraft for the Japanese military. It was formed in 1870 and is still active today. In WWII they built the dreaded A6M Reisen (Japanese for Zero and Americans called them the Zeke) and in later years their main aircraft manufacturing branch Mitsubishi Heavy Industres built the F-1 Kaizen, F-2 (F-16 airframe), F-15J (F-15 airframe), MH2000 (light utility helicopter), H-60 (Blackhawk airframe), and T-2 (F-1 Trainer varient). They also built the MRJ (Mitsubishi Regional Jet)and have plans to build a new experimental stealth 5-gen fighter called the AdvancedTechnologyDemonstrator-X or ATD-X Shinshin (Japanese for Mind).