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N9748C is a reserved FAA registration. It is reserved for film and entertainment usage as a false tail number. As such, a multitude of different sorts of aircraft have sported this number.

Uses of this code:

  • Boeing 737 operating as Ajira Airways Flight 316 in LOST ABC TV series
  • CIA surveillance Bell 206 helicopter in RED1 (Retired Extremely Dangerous) film
  • Cessna float plane in the movie "Trapped" 2002
  • Crashed airplane in S1E1 of "The Finder" (2011) Fox Television Network
  • Beaver float plane in MacGyver S04E04
  • Bell 47 helicopter in Adam-12 S2 E13
  • Plane that took a severely burned Pam Ewing to an unknown destination in Dallas
  • DHC 3 Beaver crashed in "The Edge" (1997)
  • Private jet in The Boys S3E4
  • Private plane in Sabotage (1996)

Challenger Biz Jet in Hanger Scandal S03E01