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The Next Generation Air Dominance Fighter is a future sixth generation fighter that is expected to replace the Navy's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet fleet in the 2025-2030 timeframe.

In comparison to current fifth generation fighters, it will be more advanced in terms of stealth, sensor fusion and self-healing structures. The aircraft will probably be unmanned or manned depending on the mission.

The two-seat, twin-engined tailless concept jet is being offered for F/A-XX, an optional US Navy strategy that has not yet become a formal requirement.

Early design concepts[]

Boeing FX 2016 (3) 2

According to new concept images, the planned aircraft shows to have a tailless, at least optionally manned design, which may be used as a deep penetration fighter-bomber. Furthermore, an Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (AFSAB) study has been launched to define requirements for a post 2030 fighter. One of them being "Penetrating Counterair" (PCA), due to massive developments in terms of air defense systems. [1]

Interestingly, the design shows that not much emphasis is put on things like manoeuvrability, as airborne lasers will eventually render dogfights obsolete. However no one really knows which key capabilities will be needed in the coming decades, so speculation is still a bit early at this point.