Nieuport 24

Role Fighter aircraft
Crew 1 pilot
Passengers None
First flight 1917
Entered service 1917
Manufacturer Nieuport
Length 5.88 m
Wingspan 8.18 m
Height 2.44 m
Wing area 15 m²
Empty 354 kg
Loaded 544 kg
Maximum takeoff
Engine 1 × Le Rhone Rotary engine
Power (each) 90 kW 130 horsepower
Maximum speed 187 km/h
Cruising speed
Range 250 km
Ceiling 5,500 m
Rate of climb

The Nieuport 24 C.1 was a French single-seat biplane fighter aircraft that was used in World War I.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Nieuport 24 was developed by Gustave Delage at the Societé Anonyme des Établissements Nieuportand was based on the Nieuport 17. Like its predecessor it was equipped with V-shaped interplane struts, but unlike it, the Nieuport 24 had an improved aerodynamic design with rounded wingtips and ailerons. It was powered by a 130 horsepower Le Rhone rotary engine. It was equipped with a synchronized 7.7 mm Vickers machine gun, the British variant was fitted with an additional Lewis machine gun, which was mounted on the top of the upper wing.

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